During this week, unable to talk due to laryngitis, I have had so many calls from various “unknown” numbers — or names I don’t recognize — that I’ve wanted to pull the plug.

Yes, I’m one of the few holdouts who insists on having a landline.

Yes, I have a “smart” phone.  I’m still trying to understand how to make a phone call when the person isn’t already on my contact list.  

Yes, I’m that inept when it comes to technology.


Here is a reminder of why my phone suffers maladies that vary from the receiver being kicked onto the floor, to the answerphone feature being turned off.  For the latter, I’ve lost the instructions and don’t remember how to get it working again. 

Why bother?  He’ll only find new and more creative ways to make it stop working.

Can you answer this question for me?

  • Why does ANYONE buy from a company that reached them through an unsolicited phone call?  That’s like feeding a crocodile and wondering why it still insists on having you for breakfast.

And then there are the unsolicited letters from charities who could just as easily write a thank you note each month on cheap paper rather than the expensive stuff that feels like starched linen.   I’d rather have that $5.00 I send each month go to the actual entities the charity is supposed to help than into fancy paper.  

Can you answer this question for me?

  • Do they really think that I’m going to send them another $5 if they’re begging for more money on expensive paper?  It’s sort of like giving an addict $5.00 for a fast-food special and then finding that he’s used it to buy liquor.

Mr. Innocent, the $1,200 cat, is quietly sleeping on a stack of papers I don’t have the energy to go through.  He reminds me of a country song I once heard.

I’ll end this post with the worst version of this song I could find: