A few afternoon thoughts

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No one is going to believe exactly the same thing in the same way, that’s why there are nations.

When one animal invades the territory of another, that causes a fight.  When one nation wants another nation’s territory, that causes war.

We’re not old or young, rich or poor, we’re human.  Human is the only “race.”  To divide it into fractions is racist.

What if we humans gave more attention to the world around us than the ideologies used to define us?

Dogs and cats hear, see, and sense with better clarity than humans; yet with all our brain power we prefer cinema and computer games to reality. 

At what point do our brains become so numbed that we lose our mental edge?

I read about the near eradication of predators in a western state decades ago.  Once coyotes and wolves were decimated, the deer population exploded.  They died slowly from starvation and disease, prompting the realization that a quick death was preferable for the weakest in the herd. 

There has to be a balance in nature.  How many times do we have to learn this?

In the end, are we — the human race — simply predators using guns, knives, and nukes instead of teeth and claws?  

Where is our balance?



©Joelle LeGendre