The occasional poet’s obligatory poetry rant

The occasional poet has taken a hiatus for a few months.

                                Bad Poetry moment

Between NaNoWriMo and my day job I concentrated on 50,000 words in the month of November.

For the past 4 months, my workload was next to impossible. 

Now, it’s just hectic.

I’ve been itching for a good poetry challenge, a prompt to send the bard-like parts of me into overdrive.  


My favorite site isn’t hosting a Tanka-or-whatever-poetry challenge yet.  A fall-back haiku blog is on robo-dial each week, and a search for posts didn’t create that spark inside I was looking to rekindle.

C’mon people!

A good haiku challenge begins with words that aren’t so clunky they defy fluidity.  

Lately, it seems that poetry challenges throw words into cyberspace like buzzsaw and repulsive.  That’s like having a sewing contest and asking people to make a Cinderella-style gown out of burlap and carpeting.

Ain’t gonna happen.  

So, until this occasional poet can find her inner muse again, it might be awhile before I write anything poetic worth reading, unless you think this is worth the pixels that created it:

Buzzsaws repulsing

like cleaning up a cat’s puke

soaking the bedsheets.

And…yes…THAT is one of the reasons I was up at 4 this morning. 

The sound! Then the smell.

Cat now wants to be petted.

I am not amused.


©Joelle LeGendre (It has been, to put it mildly, a colorful morning. Regurgitate THAT, cat).