Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Cat help

There are two words in the English language that don’t belong next to eat other: 

Cat & Help.

Other Brother Coon Cat (OBCC):  Mom is doing laundry.

Tiny Terror (TT):  So…what about it?

OBCC:  We’re on her laundry.

TT:  I’m not moving until I get a can of beefy chunks in gravy.

OBCC:  The turkey and fish stuff was good.

TT:  It’s not what I wanted.

OBCC:  Oh, no!  The camera monster!

TT:  Remember what I told you?

OBCC:  Look bored.


TT (sighing loudly):  All you remembered were two words? You’re supposed to look bored, turn away from the camera, and close your eyes. 

OBCC:  Ow!  Light hurts!

TT:  She’s preparing to take another shot!

OBCC (Rubs against the human intruder):  Hi, mom!  purrrrrrrrrr.   I’m helping you do laundry!

Mom:  What a cutie pie!  

In the kitchen mom opens a can of beefy chunks in gravy. OBCC jumps on the counter…he starts to eat.

TT:  That’s mine!

OBCC:  I’m twice your size, and my claws are sharper.  You can have what’s left over.

TT:  Imbecile!  She’s taking the bedding to the washing machine!

OBCC:  Imbecile? I’m the one eating what you were trying to get her to open.  By helping mom with the laundry, I did what you couldn’t do.

TT (swats OBCC):  Traitor!

Mom:  Oh, how cute, they’re playing!