It’s only 12:22?

I have to admit.  I thought the clock was upside down.

It’s not 8 minutes until 7:00 am?  Really?

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At least Insomnia could have the decency to wait until the obligatory 3:00am stare-at-the-wall call before compelling me to awaken.

Why can’t I be like a cat?

Yes!  Make me the victim!  Please!

Um….did I really just write that?

The truth is more along these lines:

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If I have to be an exhausted pigeon, why can’t I do something constructive, like fly through war zones to deliver messages? 

Not even my cat has empathy

And the dogs?

They found my pillow in record time.

Insomnia has to be the worlds most sadistic practical joker.

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Today, I had a meeting with someone fighting a cold.  Poor woman looked like she was ready to drop. That’s when everyone she supervised decided it was time to call her.  At one point, she had a phone to each ear.

I asked her, “Ever notice that on the days you feel the worst, that’s when you have to be a multitasking Ninja?”

The humor seemed to escape a woman momentarily comatose shortly before she grabbed yet another tissue to sneeze into it.

Someone stole my theory about multitasking

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My attempts at multitasking look something like this:

25+ Best Memes About Multitasker | Multitasker Memes

I suppose life could be worse:  I could have been subjected to the North Korean diet every day of my life.

North Korea Stayin Alive Meme - YouTube

So then, what keeps someone with Insomnia up at night?

That’s easy.  

The inability to stay asleep.

The solution is slightly harder.

One day, perhaps I’ll understand just how a 20 pound coon cat and a 40 pound dog can take up all the space on a king-sized bed 15 seconds after you walk out the door to use the bathroom.

It’s now 1:06 and I’m ready to take back the bed night.