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It’s not like I’m asking you to jump off a bridge.  Why would I do that?  I don’t cross my bridges until they’re burning behind me. Hmmm… I think I smell smoke.





Welcome to JANUARY 3!


Today’s prompt is:  Tell me about your 1st and 2nd favorite movies.  

So that you don’t feel so alone in your embarrassment, I’ll share a vignette with you:




I love Sci-Fi:  That’s why I write Sci-Fi.

So you’d think my favorite movie would begin with the word, “Star.” 

Actually, my favorite movie is All of Me (with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin).  My second favorite movie is The Last Starfighter. I wanted a sequel!  By the time one comes around, Lance Guest will be using a walker.

One day, when my books are made into movies, those will be my favorites. 

Hey!  A gal can dream!

What makes All of Me my all-time favorite?  There’s just something about the chemistry between the two main actors.  No one does “zany” better than Steve, and no one makes “maudlin” look quite as funny as Lily.

Stellar comedy:  That’s the key. 


Here are the rules:

  1. A prompt for #TMAT120 will be given the first Thursday of every month. The prompt challenge begins whenever it’s that day in your time zone. It ends on the 1st Thursday of the next month.  

  2. Copy and paste your 120 word entry into the reply section below, along with a link to your blog.  To me, everyone who enters is a winner, but if you must have a winner, the entry with the most likes wins.  

  3. Limit your #TMAT120 post to 120 words. People who participate in limited-word prompts aren’t expecting a 1,000 word explanation before it begins.

  4. When/if you publish your entry on your blog, use the #TMAT120 picture to show that you are participating in the prompt. Please don’t alter (except for size).  

  5. Please don’t use hard-core curse words. They’ll be edited out if you do, and you might not like the words I choose to replace them with.  🙂 

  6. Take time to read other people’s #TMAT120 & their posts, after all you might make a new friend.

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