My muses, my nemesis, and writing

For your blogging entertainment, here’s a picture of my muses as they hog my bed yet again:

When you have as many dogs and cats as I do…especially a Fat White Dog who loves to roll in the sand…you learn to have a topping to your bedding that doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on sandpaper.  It cuts down on the amount of dog and cat hair trying to find its way into your nose, too.

That “bedding” is what Fat White Dog is presently scrunched against.  

And, now, a word about my nemesis. 

No, it doesn’t have 4 feet, fur and a penchant for finding the worst possible time to walk across your keyboard. 

If you read my blog, you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing much.

That’s what happens when your head feels like it wants to explode.  

Yes, I wish the cause of this inconvenience was a plethora of creativity and an overload of words but, alas, I’m very light-sensitive, a condition exacerbated by trying to wear contact lenses from the age of 15 – 22 (even after the eye doctor advised against it because of chronic dry eye). I was wearing tinted glasses to counteract the light at the age of 25.

In 2018, I started using a 32 inch TV as a computer monitor and always have the screen dimmed to 30% light. It reduced eye strain considerably, allowing me to work longer hours at the office and at home.

Without the 32 inch monitor, I couldn’t work 6 hours straight, 5 days a week for 3 months in a row.   And work has been greatly impaired by several post-OKC migraine attacks.

I could swear that air travel is the trigger.  Or maybe it’s spending a week in Oklahoma City and then spending 2 hours in an airport terminal where every sound is magnified 100 fold.  Or traveling home at midnight through big city traffic where the on-coming headlights are like having your eyes poked with dull needles, or…
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You get the picture.
For 2 days, I couldn’t look at a computer.  Then, I could look at one but only if the lighting was down to 25%.  It took 2 migraine pills (over a period of 6 hours), and 2 nausea pills, until the migraine monster finally entered a restless sleep. 
Since that time, I’ve resembled the Maxine look at work and can’t go anywhere without my Noir’s over glasses that are already dark.
Without dark tinted regular glasses, and Noir 23 sunglasses for exceptionally sunny days, migraines would have killed me long ago.
I’m thankful for the miracles of my 32″ computer screen, dark glasses, and migraine remedies every day.
After my battle with the migraine, I received some fantastic news!  It looks like book 3 in my series will be published soon.  
By “Soon” I mean sometime in 2019.
It’s been a long, hard journey, but the paperback for book 2 should be completed in the next week. 
I know, I need to stop “shoulding” on myself.