99 word prompt : graffiti

If you want to participate, here’s the link:  https://carrotranch.com/2018/12/06/december-6-flash-fiction-challenge/

December 6, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about graffiti. It can be an artist, art or the medium itself. Get out your can of spray paint and go where the prompt leads you.


Canadian Graffiti by fartfart - Meme Center

“So much graffiti!”  My mother complained. 

As we drove toward the thrift shop, our old car sputtered.  She fought to guide it next to the curb. 

I asked, incensed, “Why don’t you buy a new car?”

“For the same reason I go to thrift shops,” she grumbled.  “Your dad said he fixed this thing!”

I opened the car door, wanting to get a closer look at a good portrait, but mom’s hand grabbed my arm.  I pulled away, and said, “This car is graffiti!  That’s art!” 

“It’s vandalism!”

What would she think if she knew my graffiti was better?