Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : I really meme it this time…

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Yep.  It’s Sunday…all day. 

I’ve just come back from scrabble with my bestest SIL.

Scrabble Fails | Know Your Meme

Most of the time our boards look like this:

LIFE - Very Demotivational - Demotivational Posters | Very ...

Other times, like this

Scumbag Scrabble memes | quickmeme

Yes, we often have a vowel problem that results in verbal diarrhea

…and both of us agree.  There’s nothing as refreshing as a good round of SARCASM!

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One day I’m going to die and here’s what I think about that

Funny/Sarcasm Meme Thread | Page 8 | US Message Board - Political ...

I’m not one to be like this


Mostly, it’s like this…

Apology Memes. Best Collection of Funny Apology Pictures

because I like to have my cake and beat it, too


Funny Apology Ecard. Haha he sent this last to me after I was ...

Here are a few other favorites in my husband sarcasm arsenal

Best Backhanded Compliments | Someecards Friends

and especially good for gals having tantrums…

Best Backhanded Compliments | Someecards Friends

and my all-time favorite


Sorry, but your dog thinks you're an asshole and I believe him ...

I’ve been told before to cease and desist

20 Best Memes To Tickle Your Funny Bone |

but as I’ve pointed out many times, I’m a woman, not a guy so it doesn’t pertain to me.

One day, my detractors will understand


I really, honestly, truly, and without a doubt think of humorless people like this:

20 Sarcastic Memes You Can Actually Use |

If I’m dyslexic, have Tourette’s, and can laugh at this

You must understand what he is saying - Imgflip

You, too, can develop a sense of rumor.

Did I mention that my SIL has Tourette’s, too?

Betcha didn’t see THAT one coming.

Her birthday is in a few weeks and this is all I have to say about a like mind and soul inhabiting my life…

40+ Beautiful Sister In Law Quotes and Sayings -

One day, if you’re fortunate enough to play scrabble with us, you’ll understand.

When my birthday comes around, she never fails to tell me this:

Happy Birthday To My Sister In Law Memes |

…with an emphasis on the word “grate.” 

That’s because both of us will say the same thing — to our face.

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“Definately is not an acceptable word in scrabble!”