Ghostly post

Most people don’t know there’s a ghost in every house.

In MY house, in the middle of the night, their names are…

“Get out of my face!”


“Stop licking me!”

BUT when I have a migraine (like today, yesterday, and the day before), their names are…

“Get your butt off my head!”


“bbfffthththth…” (Translation:  I can’t breathe when you’re straddling my face!

According to the dogs, if they sit on my face — and I stop breathing — I’ll never have another migraine again.

Problem solved.

One ghost has thorns in his feet.  His name is, “Stop kneading my jugular!”

When the ghost of migraines past decides to leave my bed, I’ll write a real post. 

Until then, meet a few of the ghosts I live with:

Excuse me while I prevent Other Brother Coon Cat from turning my fingers into handburger

I’m almost 99% sure that bloodletting doesn’t cure migraines.  But OBCC didn’t get the memo.

Yes, my ghosts prey for me every night… and somehow I manage to live through it.