For only a short time

Abandoned down a dirt road

they pattered into my life.

Brothers side by side.

…and now…

Other Brother Coon Cat asks,

with a tremulous meow,

“Why am I alone?”

After eight years he left this world and

I, too, wonder why the best of us 

are taken all too quickly.


He was always so laid-back, no sudden moves, giving a distinctive “incredulous” look given to any dog or cat who wanted to play.

He loved to watch his world go by, and when one of his family was sick, he was there to comfort him.

Monday morning he showed signs that he was not feeling well.

I had planned to call the vet for an appointment if he wasn’t better by noon, but Coon Cat passed away shortly before 10:00 a.m.


Apparently, God had other plans.