150 pounds of Bedhog

Fat White Dog:  Mom left me!

Rottie Mutt:  She didn’t go anywhere! She’s sitting at the computer 3 feet away from you.

FWD:  But…but…that’s soooo 3 feet away!

RM:    You’re not the only one suffering.  I was comfortable, too, sleeping with my head on her neck.  

FWD:  That thing you call a head weighs no less than 30 pounds.

RM:    You’re one to talk!  If you were any fatter you’d need a wheelbarrow for your stomach.

FWD:  I’m not the one she pushes to get off of her when you plop on top of her head to sleep!

RM:    I’m not the one who drapes my body over her legs and won’t move when she yells out “CRAMP!!!”  At least I move when she pushes at me.

Other Brother Coon Cat:  You 2!  Shut up.  Can’t you see I’m busy?

FWD:   Blocking mom’s view of the computer screen as usual, no doubt.

OBCC:  How did you guess?

RM:      You weigh more than my head.

FWD:     And all that fluff makes you look twice as big!

OBCC:   Just you wait!  Once mom is snuggled in bed and asleep again, I’ll jump on her stomach!

RM:      The last time you did that, she screamed so loud it took a week for my ear drum to grow back.

FWD:   D@%*$d cat…always ruining our fun.

OBCC:  (settling down for a nap) I’ve pissed off the dogs, clogged up mom’s computer with hair, pushed her keyboard on the floor, and dumped a load of sand onto her computer desk.  My work here is done.



©Joelle LeGendre