Senseless Sunday Sarcasm: It’s that time of year again.

Yes, in the USA, the next 3 months have been turned into

one giant Dollarday holiday

for corporations.


Image may contain: text and food

People are going to be rushing out to the store to buy skeletons, Christmas lights and cranberry sauce all at the same time.  

I wonder if it’s anything like watching piranha during a feeding frenzy?

Difference is — piranha don’t drive cars.  

You get the Zombie drivers, you know what I mean….they weave between the two lanes going your direction (there’s a median stopping them from harassing oncoming traffic), then turn on the right signal and veer in front of you to turn left. 

Then there are the s…l…o…w drivers who don’t know where the turn signal is located, speed up when you have a chance to pass, then stop at the red light and turn right when it’s green.

I’ve thought about doing this:

Unfortunately, you need a brain to be frightened of the fact that it might be what it looks like.

When it’s Thanksgiving day, it’s like watching a bunch of first graders trying to drive.  I wonder if these people are in a hurry to Wal-Mart to get that pie they promised Aunt Jenny. 


If you like lard flavored canned fruit, that’s the place to go.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s some reason that crowds of people have to gang up on the highways during HallowThanksChrismakkah.  It’s times like that I wish I had a radio in my car.  

People have a sick sense of humor

Who in their right mind would do such a terrible thing to Bach!  The poor man was already Baroque.

I don’t look forward to crazy drivers, stores filled with shoppers who have stars in their eyes and no sense of direction, nor do I look forward to being behind this at the 10-items-or-less check-out line:

Please….don’t invite me over for dinner.  I’ll be the one limping through the door because someone hit me with a cart…

…and I’ll be carrying a Wal-Mart pie.

…probably being followed inside by this woman:

Followed closely by her husband:

Ya know?  I think that Thanksgiving might be a horrifying as Halloween.