Insomnia therapy

The dogs were quiet tonight.  Odd, but refreshing.

No cats jumping on my stomach (their way of saying FEED ME!!!) 

So then, why am I up at 2 in the morning?

THIS kept calling my name:

Publix Premium Ice Cream, Black Jack Cherry

That particular box of ice cream has been in my refrigerator for two weeks, and I’ve been very good about portioning out a half cup every few days.  Until tonight.  Let’s just say I doubt I’ll be eating breakfast tomorrow morning.


Black cherry ice cream with dark chocolate chunks isn’t a cure for insomnia, but if I have to stay awake I might as well enjoy the experience as I’m chewing on cherries, crunching on chocolate, and letting the creamy smoothness coat the inside of my mouth.  Mmmmm…..

No use trying to go back to sleep.  My taste buds are happy, but my stomach is doing a reenactment of the civil war.  I’ll be up another 2 hours.

Nothing left to do but write.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.