Tiny Terror strikes again

He ate an entire can of cat food, watched me put yogurt into my bowl, then he watched me mix honey and wheat germ into it.

When I went to the computer with my breakfast, he followed.  I held the bowl up with one hand.  He tried to climb my arm for it.

I relented, walking to his food bowl and adding a teaspoon of yogurt to the 1/4 teaspoon of canned food remaining in his bowl.

After that, I shut the door so he couldn’t get into my office and ate half my breakfast in peace.

Then I made the mistake of leaving my office door open so that I could rush to the bathroom.

I spied a bone chilling sight upon my return; the Tiny Terror licking what was left on my spoon.  He bounded away from the computer desk to reveal a bowl licked to a shiny clean.

This picture was taken in the middle of the floor, only a few minutes after his “meal.” That’s where he sleeps off his self-satisfaction after stealing my food.

That D@%(&d cat is SO insufferable (ly cute).



©Joelle LeGendre