6 years!

WooHoo!  6 years on WordPress!

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My blog partner has been posting lately, and that’s worth celebrating!  She’s been absent from Two on a Rant for so long, I was wondering if I’d have to start calling it,  One on a Rant and another one doing something else.

No matter what happens, her spirit will always be part of this blog.

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Sorry, the cat got my tongue.  This is the image I was looking for

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No, we didn’t have a sex change. 

All you have to do to look like a man is make it over the age of 65 and wear a jog bra.

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She’s the one who understands technology better.  If she hadn’t set up this blog, I wouldn’t be the blogger person I am today.

I’d like to say that in honor of this momentous occasion, I upgraded my blog, but that isn’t true.

I did it by accident.

But…as Scarlett O’Hara would say:

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I wonder what Scarlett O’Hara would look like in a jog bra?

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