Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Overwork

My editor/friend/blog partner:

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How I think she’s beginning to see me:

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We spent 11 hours reading book 5 yesterday.  

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In the meantime, she’s been waiting for her laptop to be repaired.   It was giving her trouble.  As I’m writing this post she just learned it’s beyond repair. 

She’s been using her backup computer to do editing.

But in contrast to mine, it’s state of the art

ME:    It’s an adventure.

SHE:  Go to hell.

ME:   You can’t take a lunch break we’ve only been editing for 5 hours.

SHE:  I didn’t have breakfast.

ME:   I thought you wanted to lose weight.  Here, have some more chocolate.


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Being dyslexic, when I get home, no one will hear me creams scream when I try to tide edit.

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Well, it’s time to get back to dieting editing.