The Brindle Dog started out life with many other dogs and cats.

His first human died unexpectedly, and he was abandoned.

Her boyfriend cared for him until he could find Brindle Dog a home, and then he was abandoned again.

His new human had 3 other dogs and life was okay for a while, but the new companion became ill and wanted to find a home for his dogs. 

The 3 other dogs found a home, but not Brindle  He fought against being forced to leave his human.  Even when his human yelled at him to, “GET OUT,” he wouldn’t leave his side.

It wasn’t easy to pry him away.  It required a can of food, two strong men, and a fenced in yard.

For three years, he lived in our home with many other dogs and a few cats.

He had kitty friends

…and doggie friends

And a heart so big that it could be broken three times by other humans and still have enough love inside for us.  He’d wait at the fence all day for us to come home, and greet us with so much joy!

Then he tried to make friends with a raccoon, who left him with slashes and gashes.

By all reports, he was improving and we looked forward to having him home.  At 9:00am this morning, after 4 days in the hospital, we received a call from Dr. Jeff.  Our Brindle Dog had passed away around 3:00 in the morning.

Please understand there is no better veterinarian than Dr. Jeff, and the staff did as well as anyone could do.  They called us every day, let us visit with him, and you can’t find more caring people.

No one is quite sure why he passed, but I have a theory.   It doesn’t matter that we visited him every day, just that he was far from home in a strange place with a constrictive collar and strange people, thinking he’d been rejected again.

There is only just so much abandonment any one heart can take.

The only thing he ever asked in return was our love.  Yet he died in a cage all alone with no one to hold him.

I just can’t stop crying.