Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Veterinarian Bills

Never, never, never say to the universe, “Wow!  All my bills are all paid.”

You’ll regret it.

In fact the past 4 days have been rough.

With 6 dogs, it had to happen sometime.  But why did it have to happen to the world’s most cowardly nicest dog?

What (you might ask) happened?

This is not a cat.

Unfortunately, the Brindle Dog didn’t know that

He loves to play with our cats but when a wild animal sees a dog coming toward it

the result isn’t pretty…

…and neither is the vet bill.

He has a hole in one leg, a 4 inch gash in the other, a near miss to the eye with the gash next to it, and so many lacerations it took the vet two days to find them all.

Looking on the bright side, if he hadn’t been running away from a fight, he probably would have lost his eyes in the process of being eviscerated.  If he’d lived after that, he’d need a white cane, a feeding tube, and a guide human.

Another !Whew! moment came when I realized that if I lived in California, the bill would be 100 time higher

Unfortunately, he’s still hospitalized and might, I repeat, might come home on Monday.  

It’s going to be weeks before he can knock me over again doing this…

…or I can practice my falling skills when I trip over him as he stops in front of me for no particular reason.

In the meantime, he’s in good hands.  The worlds best veterinarian, a gentle man we’ve adopted as family over the past 25 years, is taking excellent care of him.  Just as excellent, he has a stellar staff.

When the Brindle Dog comes home, I guarantee it’s going to look a lot like this…

…but I’ll be wearing a shirt.