Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Screwed

Are you board bored yet? 

If so, welcome to the 21st century where “a long wait” is 5 minutes.

I have to say that although my boss is a millennial, and half my age, she’s great!  Which proves there’s always an exception to every meme.    

And she’s one of the few 30-somethings who can actually write an entire sentence.  Which brings me to the skewered point of today’s senseless sarcasm:

When it comes to words, we’re screwed.

Language is always changing.  If you don’t believe me, it wasn’t all that long ago where this fellow was called a Kah Nicked

Not that I wouldn’t want to Kah nick a guy like this in the balls, he can’t even write a sentence properly; but now, the word Knight is pronounced “nite.”

One used to have discriminating taste and could discriminate between the edge of a cliff and a curb.  No one remembers the proper use of that word anymore.

Hold on while I find my latest screw driver

I need to screw my grandfather clock into the wall.

What was I saying…

It certainly wasn’t, “My bad.”  

We can’t even get the meanings of words right anymore — or spell them correctly.

NO!  Once, when you raced a car, you were a racist, or a racer.  

And now, may I present the latest in word defamation:

It makes one want to do this:

Texting reminds me of a joke I heard in the 1990’s:

MR snaks, MR knot, OSAR!  UR krek, MR snaks.

Translation:  Them are snakes, them are not.  Oh yes they are!  You’re correct, them are snakes.  Snake!  Where are you going!  Snake.  Stop.

Excuse me for a moment while I upchuck into my Starbuck chai tea with soy milk and honey.

Ok, I’m back now, but next time I write about something as serious as word screws, I’m not going to have that $4.00 Ghiradelli chocolate molten lava cake for breakfast.

I will now return to the very important subject at hand.  Barbie?  Ken? Are you listening?

I guess not.