Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Cat’s eye view of a Dog bath

Hi.  Other Brother Coon Cat here.  

I was going to tell you all about our 6 dogs getting their baths, but I’m holding mom’s computer hostage until she feeds me.

I asked my brother, Coon Cat what he thought about my ploy.

He’s a bit dejected at the moment.  He was stalking this butterfly while mom took a picture of it, only to find the Tiny Terror eating it minutes later.

Mom was NOT happy. Maybe that’s why dinner is 5 minutes late.

Tiny Terror doesn’t care.  He had a snack, and we can’t even get a $*#&@^% cat treat.

At least there’s one thing I can be happy about.   I had the perfect view of Fat White dog after her bath.  

That’s one dejected mutt.

Mom tried to give me a bath first.  I let her know what one of the thorns in my feet was capable of doing.

 She won’t be wearing sleeveless shirts for a while.

So THAT’s the problem!  Mom is a sore loser!  She’s humiliating us by making us grovel for our dinner.  I’d rather eat from the perpetual dry food cat bowl than beg like a dog!

What!  Mom is starting her other computer.  She’s…she’s looking at DOG MEME’S!!!!

Now she’s laughing while her cats are starving?! 

I’m bent!!!

Hmmm…. interesting.  Yep,  that’s so like a dog.

I have to say, it WAS fun watching mom trying to get 6 dogs who hate baths into the tub.  It looked a lot like this:

Now that mom is intently staring at the computer screen, time to remind her that I want dinner!  

She knows the look!

She just pointed to the wound on her shoulder and said something unintelligible.

One day, I’ll understand the human mentality.  Until then, I’ll laugh at dogs getting baths and show her who’s boss around here. 

Mom laughed at me!!!

I’d ask the dogs to help out, but they’re too busy sleeping off their terror.

I’ll just wait until she’s asleep.  Then I’ll do this

After all, vengeance is best served cold clawed.