Extreme editing

I have 2 editors.

The person who creates my book covers and does the uploading (as well as final edits) lives in South Africa.  I hope that she is able to recover from major surgery soon.  I miss her upbeat spirit and great advice.

My partner in blogging, Kayuk, is taking me to her home today for week-long extreme editing.  

I read one chapter out loud, she reads the next, and we talk about what would work better. 

Sometimes, a new chapter is needed.  Other times, a bit of slice and dice is in order.  On rare occasion, I have to write an additional chapter to make the book flow.

No, we don’t visit Busch Gardens or do more than eat, sleep, edit, and exercise.  My camera is packed, so that I can take pictures of the experience, and I’ll try to write about it at least once while I’m gone.

Hopefully, we’ll have book 2 in print form soon.  We’re working on having book 3 edits completed and published in a few months.  We might even be able to start on edits to book 4 this week.

Life isn’t getting any longer.  I’m in a race to get all 16 of the books in the series published before I have to go to a nursing home.  🙂

Wish me luck!