3 in the morning philslopophy

It’s 3 in the morning and I’m 2 brain cells away from comatose.  If there’s noting nothing new in this post, give me a brake break.   Today, I can’t even smell spell write rite right.

What is the mirror image of Now live?    Evil won.

Some days I think that insomnia is evil’s insidious tool.  Other days, I think it’s creativity’s gift.  Right now I’m thinking that the entire universe, and especially Earth, must be bipolar.

Wait…Earth has two poles, therefore…

I’m too tired to go there.

Words intrigue me.  Not enough to make me want to take a grammar course but, yes, they intrigue me.

I’m a crusty laddy lady who likes pie crust, but did you know the Earth has a crust?  Not that I want that in my pie, but hey…it’s a great lead-in to my next point.

Do we have a knowledge so deeply engrained in the subconscious that our words become like the tiny tips of islands heralding the underwater mountains below them?

How many words have a mountain of meaning according to spelling or sound?

Take, for instance, bear and bare.   

I can’t bear the bare truth about being bare in front of a bear with bared teeth.

How many times can spacing between letters or the substitution of one letter make a difference? Where does this question come from, you might ask?  One of my favorite cartoons.

Take one word and add 2 spaces.  It becomes…

…and it can make just as big a difference to replace 1 letter of one small word:

A therapist is NOT a rapist.   A therapist is NOW a rapist.  

Does it mean that somewhere deep in our psyche we have always known that counseling can be therapeutic when dispensed with kindness or it can be mental ravaging when dispensed by a dick?

Well, that’s my 3:00am philslopophy philosophy for today. 

I’m not in the mood to listen to myself talk any longer.  I’m outta hear.



©Joelle LeGendre