The Write Reminder

If you write, and you give it up for “more important things,” here’s a reminder:

When you give up what you love, you lose your reason for living.

Yes, you have to work.

Yes, you have to keep the roaches and rats out of your house.

And, for God’s sake, feed the cat!


Why worry about housework, the place is just going to get dirty again.  Take one hour a day to keep the kitchen clean, get some roach spray and a few rat traps. Put your laundry in a hamper and if you have a family, scream at them until they comply.   

Do you really think the president, the queen or your local dictator is going to come rushing into your home with a white glove and a scowl?

If you’re worried about your MIL, SIL, FIL, or local gossip, tell them the following, “If you don’t like the way my house looks, here’s a broom.” 

Why worry about work?  You do your job 8 hours a day and sleep for 8. 

It’s not all about the creativity.  Write when the inspiration comes — during lunch hour or 3 in the morning.  Can you spare 1 hour out of the remaining 8 to edit or review?

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Who am I?”

If it talks back, you need a lot more than a few hours of writing therapy.



©Joelle LeGendre