Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Truth upholstery

I’ve never been accused of being normal.

In fact, I was a lot like this kid in school

Yes, I was always the one to ask the questions no one else would; not because I was so insightful…

I didn’t know any better. 

As every one teacher put it

I was like Cordelia Chase, except I was never pretty or popular

Pretty popular kids can get away with it.

I would’ve been the kid who said this

And then I would’ve been hung for it.

In my young world, “Tact” is was the past tense for adhering upholstery with those tiny, round pointy objects

Maybe that’s why I get along with cats and dogs so well.  They don’t have any tact, either, and they shred furniture.

Perhaps this is true:

It think, in retrospect, my brain was never capable of that elusive talent called, “Tact.”

I don’t want them to look forward to the trip. 

Tact is nothing but a cosmetic lie; like a woman wearing a push-up bra, a corset, and a wig.  There will be a time when the truth can no longer be hidden.

When asked this question, either my face will answer or I will answer it thus:

Where, you might ask, does this topic come from?

Blame the cat:

I suppose that might be true, if it weren’t for the fact that every cat in existence seems to have mastered the incredulous look before they’re weaned.

I might have found a tact cat:

I suppose there had to be at least one in this world.