Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Dog Cat Insanity

Morning with 3 cats and 6 dogs is more like military maneuvers with live ammunition.

It brings out the (rather crazed) poet in me.

…perhaps there’s a country music hit in this one:

Woke up this morning with a dog on my legs

a cat on my chest and the bed in disarray.

It wasn’t the fact that the dog didn’t care

if I was asleep or the cat was still there.

Please note the slinky cat tail.

He plopped on the cat, who used all his claws

to jump off my chest to a tall chest-of-drawers.

The stupid, D@#$&d dog then stuck out his tongue

I yelled in his ear, “That’s my blood, not your dung!”

Hey, I’ve heard worse country songs before.  There’s even a meme for that:

Where is dog number 7 (you might ask)

Gargoyle Dog got through our fence (we still can’t figure out how he did it) and ran after a deer or a car (there were tracks for both) and hasn’t been seen since.  I hope that wherever he is he’s loved and fed.  I was a mess for days, but that’s not funny so we won’t go into it.

Anyway…now that I’ve wiped my tears away so that I can see…if anyone finds a reddish-brown dog with half his ear bitten off (from a fight well before we saved his starving body) and a face like a gargoyle, please let me know.  

Perhaps by now, he’s finished eating the deer, or the car, and he’ll come home.

When It comes to dog behavior, I can tell you that this isn’t always true

Sure, I go on trips for a week or three at a time each year, but I don’t run after cars or deer.  

I don’t hog the bed, either.  They get half and I  get half.  If they don’t like it, they can choose from 3 other dog beds. 

If I had a couch left, it would look like this:

But a dog ate it.

I’m lucky to have this much space left on the bed

How do I live with that level of insanity?

This keeps me sane:

That’s all I have in me for the day.  

Excuse me while I change my bandages.