universal cats get my goat

I learned something new today.  For only $9.99, the universe has a message for me.

I learned that capella is also the name of a bright star inside a specific constellation, and the name is derived from the Latin word for a she-goat.  “A capella” means a choir with a goat.

You see!  So much can be learned from the internet! 

There is some significance in the number “9” and

someone is trying to get my goat.

It took great effort to pry my computer away from the cats after dinner, so I could write this down…but first, I had to look at my email and the Katzenworld Facebook site.   It says on the internet that cats have a talent for finding the most inconvenient places to lie down.  

It didn’t take the internet to teach me that lesson.  It took about 2 days living with a cat.


Cats must understand:

Keys to the universe rest

where humans reside.

©Joelle LeGendre