Only in the 21st century: The Sweetheart Scam

Only in the 21st century can you have a post about someone’s 3rd husband (ex) and his 3rd wife (soon to be ex).   

I wrote a post called The monetary succubus on the unknowing ex

Here’s how the post starts:

“All right.   I’m bent!   So he was my 3rd husband.  Just because I don’t want to live with him doesn’t mean I want to see him robbed blind and thrown away by a monetary succubus.”


Okay…what do you call it when

  • the kids repeatedly say, “Do the things you want, live with one of us when you can’t, use your money to enjoy your life the way you want to,”  and
  • your wife says, “I want my own home that you can’t access, but I want access to your money,  I want credit cards in my name that you pay for, I want to have power of attorney over you, and if you’re sick tell your kids to take care of you.

A Sweetheart Scam

The Sweetheart Scam is so prevalent that I can name at least 2 people I know whose fathers  have fallen for it.   And I don’t have a lot of friends.  

I’m dancing with joy that my ex has finally figured it out! 

I don’t know all the details yet, I’m just happy he’s finally getting his life back.

It makes me wonder how so many men can think of themselves as strong when they remarry a thief after their wife of 40 years is gone, allow her to take everything, and never consider that his children might want their mother’s heirlooms or their childhood home.

In this case, the kids already have their mother’s heirlooms, and he doesn’t live in their childhood home.  They just want him to be out of a stressful situation.

Here’s hoping that my ex follows through and gets his life back again.  If nothing else, he’ll have peace of mind.

4 thoughts on “Only in the 21st century: The Sweetheart Scam

  1. Amanda on said:

    This is why you make arrangements BEFORE getting married to protect your assets. Whoever gets scammed in divorce deserves it in my opinion.

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  2. Watching someone hand over the reins of their life to a person with evil intent, especially when that someone is one of the main threads in the tapestry of your life — and there is basically nothing you can do about it — is its own exquisite torture. I’m sorry this has come to you. What do you do? Everything you can to remind yourself that this drama is not yours. As for the succubus herself, I can’t even speculate as to how a mind like that works.

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    • It appears from where I sit that sweetheart scammers are just another form of “criminal mind.”

      You’re correct, the only thing I can do is remember that Karma (good or bad) comes to all of us eventually.


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