99 word prompt : man glisten

June 7, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about man glisten. It was a fun term coined by two men with glitter in their beards. What more could it embrace? Look to the unexpected and embrace a playful approach. Go where the prompt leads.


A man, glistening eyes, on approach; would they never stop coming?

I glanced at the time:   5:31.  Where was Becky?

He didn’t ask permission to sit; happy hour wasn’t that civilized.  Some days I’d rather look more like my best friend, not Grace Kelly.

“Wanna dance?” He slurred at me.

Becky wandered through the door, muscular arms powerful from working around horses. She plopped into the seat, took my hand, and asked, “Is this man bothering you?”

“Another queer,” he grumbled, storming away.

“Thanks for the save,” I whispered.

“Every damned time,” she chuckled. “How’s your hubby and kids?”