Friday brain freeze, Saturday Beck 5K run (aka, very slow walk with lots of stops)

After a week of marathon editing in another city, someone asked, “How was your vacation.”

I spent most of the week staring at a 17 inch laptop monitor taking turns reading my book with Vickie.  She’s a great sequence editor. 


…my eyes are fubarred, my head is spinning, and all day I walked around thinking it was Monday.

Tomorrow will be a lot like Monday, too, only with costumes, contestants, and cake.

Back to why I returned on Friday instead of taking the ENTIRE week off.

Yes, I had to come back on Friday.  Or so I thought.  Turns out, since I was already pre-registered, someone else could get my bag of goodies for the 5K run/WALK just by showing up at Beck Auto and giving my name.

If I’d stayed for one more day of editing, I could’ve entered the superhero costume contest as Vegetated Brain Woman.

They’ll have a few special guests there

And…tell me:  Who WOULDN’T want to run on the shorelines of a place that looks like this?

If you live in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, you can take the 45 minute drive and register there.  If you live in Orlando, it takes 2 hours.  If you live in Canada, forget it.

For more information, here’s the website:

Did I mention this is my boss?

She’ll be there, too, and MAN can she RUN!!!!

I’ll be wearing long pants with ridiculous red and blue stripes from the knees to the ankles.  And…quite possibly…a long sleeved shirt.

It might actually be *shudder* 88 degrees when I’m walking.


Look…if I can walk 3miles, 188.0665yards in freezing weather (for Florida), anyone who doesn’t have vertigo and has two working legs can do it, too.

Hope to see you there. 

Just look for the aquarium hat.