#Weekly #Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 99 – Natural & Charm

If you want to participate here’s the link:  https://ramblingsofawriter2016.com/2018/05/30/weekly-tanka-prompt-poetry-challenge-week-99-natural-charm/

This week, I’ll try Etheree Poetry Syllabic Pattern: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, Rhyme: None

Whether there really is such a thing, I don’t know.  Frankly, I don’t care as long as it’s fun and doesn’t give me the flu.




cats sleep


soft breaths charming

naturally.  I watch,

a rhythm hypnotic,

feline branches reaching out

contentedly….I want….need….wish

to rest, to love uninterrupted…

to feel a moment of serenity.



©Joelle LeGendre