Senseless “Oh my Lord I missed Sunday” Sarcasm : Sequence editing

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Vickie and I are just about brain dead trying to do sequence editing.

The first day, I spent hours reading aloud.  I woke up with almost-laryngitis.

The next day, she did the reading.  Is there such a thing as reading-induced dyslexia?  If so, I think I just gave that condition to Vickie.

We’ve decided to take turns reading.  She botches up one chapter and I botch up the other.  It keeps the one who is listening at attention.

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I‘m not sure how long it’s going to be before I can do another post.  I might try a poem tomorrow, if I still have enough brain matter remaining.

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At this point, I’m ready to consider going to the mall and buying underwear as possible entertainment.

It’s bad enough that I have the social finesse of a one–legged dancer with an inner ear problem.


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There are many things that kill a friendship.  I hope editing isn’t one of them.

She says she still enjoys reading it.  But…for how long?????

Editing:  The fastest way to ruin the enjoyment of reading a good book.