Visit with the family

My son, DIL and granddaughter came to visit.  We went out to lunch at a seafood restaurant, Corky Bells, on the St Johns river and sat at one of these tables:

After sharing a gator tail appetizer, and feasting on everything from fish to gumbo, we ended with a bit of gooey chocolate cake.

We walked along the dock, where boaters can “park” their vehicles to come in and feast.

They took me home afterward.  My granddaughter enjoyed spending time with the dogs, and loved holding Coon Cat.

He didn’t care much for being held and scampered out of the house the moment she let go.  One day she’ll understand that it was nothing personal.  He’s just not a hugger.

They come here for a mini-vacation and to see me.  Tomorrow, they’re headed for the beach.  The hotels are 45 minutes away from Daytona and St. Augustine, but everything here is a LOT cheaper.

A win-win for sure!