Body language roil

Asleep at 9:30 pm.  Great…right?

Up at 5:00 am after 7 1/2 hours of sleep.  No outside interruptions, like cats jumping on my stomach, only a story that kept roiling through my head.

STOP!  I say

NO!     It replies.  THIS STORY MUST BE TOLD.

Does it stop there?  Of course not.

ME:  This story has been told a million times.

ROIL:  Not the way you tell it.

ME:  Fine!  I’ll write.

ROIL:  Remember the words I tell you.

ME:  You’re talking to someone with the memory of a brain damaged goldfish.  Go ahead, tell me the story, but I’m not going to guarantee it will come out the way you want it. 

And so it goes….on and on…words spewing by like they’re on a roller coaster ride at torture speed.  

I just had book 2 published in a series aptly called THE FIRST LEVEL OF HELL (which, by the way should be a term used to describe “lack of sleep”).  Isn’t it enough to have another 14 in that series waiting to be published? 

I’ll have another book published soon that’s not associated with the series.  I thought it was going to be a stand-alone book but NOOOOOOO…my brain (or whatever is inhabiting it) has other ideas.

It’s 7:00 am.  Time to get ready for work.

Good thing I love my day job.  Trying to stay awake to do it?  That might be a problem.

My body is insisting on a nap.