Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Insomnia sucks

At this moment I’m so frustrated I want to throw something.  

But I’m too tired to clean up the mess it would make.

So, I’ll just be sarcastic about it instead.


Our newest rescue, Gargoyle Dog, has taken it upon himself to patrol the perimeter of our fence.  I think his cue for this activity is the moment I snuggle into bed.

It sounds something like this:


five minutes of silence 


repeat for the next 2 hours.

Once, I could plop my head on the pillow and be asleep in seconds. A  herd of elephants running through the room wouldn’t wake me up.  That ended with childbirth.

There’s something about 4 hour feedings and screaming kids that just sucks the sleep right out of you.

Once these two were out of the house

I could go to sleep in minutes.  But never again would I sleep through the night.

Eight hours of snoozing?  In your dreams!

Why can’t I get to sleep quickly, like my cat?

Not that I want to sleep with my head precariously perched on the water bowl, but you get the picture.

How tired am I?

I need a new leash on life.

I feel like I live in a zoo

This face says it all


If you’re one of the lucky ones who never has trouble sleeping, do I have a dog for you!

Laugh if you will, but…

One day you’ll stare at the ceiling and remember that you laughed when someone whined about having insomnia. I know I did, and all I have to show for it are a house full of dogs 

…and a cat that insists on being fed at 5 in the morning.

Getting a refreshing nights sleep is as impossible as

I could look on the bright side.  As long as I have insomnia, I know I’m not dead.