Someone once asked me, “What have you learned?”

(At least I think it was only once)

I thought about this for all of 5 seconds and replied, “I’m not as concerned about what I’ve learned as I am about what I’ve forgotten.”


Be honest:

How many times have you re-learned information?

Take, for example, algebra…

I’m with Peggy Sue on this one.

What about manners?  As children, we’re marinated in social expectations so that our parents can avoid embarrassment as much as possible.

And yet the invention of manners has no chance against this:

We’ve forgotten what it means to dress like an adult, not a kid who can’t keep his pants up.  

There are things I don’t want to relearn

  1.  Any kind of love is NOT better than no love at all.
  2. There may be more good people in the world than con artists, but without a  paranoid suspicious mind, you’re a magnet for them.
  3. Grammar and punctuation.  That’s what editors are for.
  4. The history of royalty.  I remember that the arrogant ones always die badly, and titles are meaningless to anyone with a brain. 

Yes, there are things I’d like to remember, but just like a politician, I can’t recall.

I did not have sex with…


What’s sex?