Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Bad Hair day

Ever have one of those weeks when nothing. 

And I mean NOTHING

goes right?

We used to call that a “Bad Hair Day.” 

You know what I mean — when everything’s gone to the dogs.

So, to cheer myself up and forget that both my cars are presently not working, among other car problems I will not mention here for fear that I will throttle my better half, I’m going to find cheer in the fact that other people are worse off than me.

I guess the answer to that is a resounding, “YES!”

I looked up memes about bad luck, and 80% of them used this guy as their poster boy:

Here’s a bad hair day that anyone with a computer dreads

But nothing tops this for the Crisis of the Year award:

Unfortunately, not everyone finds first world problems funny

Okay…okay…I’ll look at some 3rd world problems!!!  


Hey!  150 years ago we didn’t have electricity, indoor plumbing, computers or air conditioning.  Isn’t that the definition of 3rd world?

There ARE places in the world without enough moss to use as TP in a pinch.  What’s worse than a pinch?   Who wants to use sand on their butt in the desert?

Even in places where moss can grow,  there’s something worse than a crusty a-hole… 

if your whole world is a toilet.

In places like that,  when it comes to work, you’ll stop when you drop.

The 1st world and 3rd world have completely different perspectives on life:

I’m happy to say that the little boy in the image above is still alive.

I’d like to go to sleep right now, but this is on my pillow:

1st world problems: My dog won’t let me sleep in my bed.


I’ll leave you with this dingleberry of worthless wisdom


Good luck to you, and may Murphy’s Law pass you by like a Ferrari

On second thought…

Is there such thing as a 2nd world problem?