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“Great, all-knowing cave, I ask you again. What is the meaning of life?”

Deep inside a vertical tube, two teenagers tried not to snicker.  “Throw a coin into my throat and I shall tell you.”

She had but one shilling, throwing it into the abyss.  It landed upon a pile of clothes strategically placed to dampen the sound of impact, a way to add an aura of mystery.

“I have lost my daughter to the fever,” a woman’s voice cried out.

“Your daughter, pure and innocent, is now with God where she is happy and loved. Her spirit will live among us forever.”

Joyful with the knowledge her daughter hadn’t died in vain, she sauntered away, singing, “My Bonnie lies over the ocean.”

On the cold floor of a strange L-shaped cave, Seamus and Sean quietly walked a half mile down a tunnel that easily fit two large men.  The obstacle that had prevented the cave’s discovery began a hundred feet before its entrance.  The boys side-stepped  through a passageway no wider than a horses head, beginning their crawl five feet from a circular entrance.  They squeezed through the hole  to the outside and, as usual,  it took both of them to lift the slender stone covering their secret.

“Now, we have enough to buy third-class passage to America!”  Seamus said.

“What about the widow Dunn?  We bought her cow with the same coin she threw to us.  There’ll be no milk and scant little food for her six other children.”

“No matter,” Seamus scoffed at his twin brother. “The church’ll take care of her.” 

“We sold the cow to our landlord.  We told him his wife loved him, and he threw the money down this hole.”

“She’s a fine one in bed,” Seamus said, fondly remembering several pleasurable moments atop a fine woman with ample breasts.

 “She thought I was you.”

“I can share,”  Seamus chuckled.

“She said she’s pregnant.  She was ready to run away with me!”

“I’m goin’ to America, stay if you like.”

“If I stay, the Baron will have me shot thinking I’m you,” Sean sighed.  “When do we leave?”

“April 10.  We have but a few days to reach Southampton.”

“All right, I’ll go,” Sean sighed. “What boat are we to be on?”

“The Titanic.”