It may coma come as no surprise to frequent reads of my blog that 3:00 am and I aren’t strangers.

Unfortunately, when I’m ready to sleep again, my bed looks like this:

The dude stretched out as if he’s owned the place since he was a puppy just moved in a few months ago.  That’s as long as it takes for them to go from abandoned to acclimated.  

All of our 4-footed companions are extortionists rescues.  You wouldn’t know it by their attitude.

Want to get fed? 

Just hijack my 32″ monitor.  While you’re at it, trample my important papers with your muddy paws.

When I vacate my seat, it doesn’t stay empty for long.  Here you have the Tiny Terror refusing to allow his human to use more than 1/5 of her chair.

This one has me on the edge of my seat

They’re supposed to be our 4-footed companions. 

Instead, we’re their 2-footed servants.

Tag-teamed by a dog and cat

Want a protector?

Instead, you’ll get this:

Want a quiet cuddler who likes to sleep in on the weekends? 

Instead, you’ll get this — at all hours of the night.

 Want a laid-back kitty cat?

Instead, you’ll get this…

You’ll try everything within your financial limits, and outside them, to please your diva.

Before you know it, you’re  serving one rescue, then two…

then you have to buy another bed.

You can’t pick your family. All you can do is love them.