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It isn’t as much fun as a roller coaster, but probably a lot safer.  




Welcome to March 1.  

Today’s prompt is:  What is the most insane thing you’ve ever done in a crisis?

So that you don’t feel so alone in your embarrassment, I’ll share a vignette with you:

1971; I sped along the country roadway at 40mph on my sister’s Vespa motor scooter.  Jags of asphalt, edges eaten away over several decades, seemed to fly up at me, handlebars refusing to follow my commands. 

That was the last thing my eyes remembered. My body felt the pressure of rolling.  Dimly conscious, I heard a siren screaming in the distance.

My sister’s friend and I were supposed to go to a pool party!  I rolled upward, my body still numb from shock, helped to a standing position by my companion.

“I can’t afford an ambulance!” I insisted.  “I’ll ride to the hospital on your Honda 90!”

I rode to the hospital, polycarbonate faceplate deeply scratched, holding my broken arm.

Here are the rules:

  1. A prompt for #TMAT120 will be given the first Thursday of every month. The prompt challenge begins whenever it’s that day in your time zone. It ends on the 1st Thursday of the next month.  

  2. NEW RULE:  Copy and paste your 120 word entry into the reply section below, along with a link to your blog.  To me, everyone who enters is a winner, but if you must have a winner, the entry with the most likes wins. 
  3. Limit your #TMAT120 post to 120 words. People who participate in limited-word prompts aren’t expecting a 1,000 word explanation before it begins.

  4. When/if you publish your entry on your blog, use the #TMAT120 picture to show that you are participating in the prompt. Please don’t alter (except for size).  

  5. Please don’t use hard-core curse words. They’ll be edited out if you do, and you might not like the words I choose to replace them with.  🙂 

  6. Take time to read other people’s #TMAT120 & their posts, after all you might make a new friend.


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