TMI laziness

There’s something going around and it doesn’t need a kleenex or an antibiotic.  It’s called the TMI Tag.

H#!! if I know what that means.

Just as greg-in-Washington doesn’t nominate people for awards, neither do I. 

Yes, I’ve shamelessly stolen his “No Awards Please” picture and told him so.  

If you like cats, please check out Feline Cafe 

01 What are you wearing?  What I always wear when I’m at home — something comfortable (get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m wearing loose fitting sweats).
02 Ever been in love? Too many times.
03 Ever have a terrible break-up? 8 times.  One died, one left me first, and then I learned that it’s better to be the leaver  than the leavee.
04 Any Tattoos? No.
05 Any Piercings? Ears.  Then I developed an allergy to metal on my body and everything started turning green.  Now I have holes where there should be diamonds.
06 Favorite Band? It varies according to my mood — from meditation music to Metallica.
07 Something You Miss? Traveling with my sister, being with my granddaughter, visiting my daughter, having a decent pair of glasses…
08 Favorite Song? Bad to the Bone.
09 How Old Are You.   I will always be 10 years younger than “old.”
10 Zodiac Sign? I do not base my fortunate and fate on a sign named after a disease. 
11 Quality You Look For In A Partner?  Reliable man who loves dogs and cats, too.. 
12 Favorite Quote?  “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will.”  Ganhdi
13 Favorite Colors?  Green, blue, black.  
14 Loud Music or Soft?  Depends upon my mood
15 Where Do You Go When You’re Sad?  To my computer, where I write what made me sad into a character I’m going to kill off.   🙂
16 How Long Does It Take You To Shower? Depends upon whether or not I’m washing my hair.
17 How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready In The Morning?  If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you, “too long.”
18 Ever Been In A Physical Fight? Yes.  5th grade.  I was duking it out with a 6th grade boy.  He’s the one that got disciplined.
19 Turn On? Writing.
20 Turn Off? The color  bright yellow.  It gives me a migraine.
21 Fears?   Look, my determination drags my anxieties behind it in life, kicking and screaming.  So pick one and you’re probably right.
22 Last Thing That Made You Cry? Holding a tiny kitten in my arms that we had rescued (people throw animals out in the country.  Some of them find our house).
23 Last Time You Said You Loved Someone?   Today.
24 Meaning Behind Your Blog Name? It started out as a rant blog and ended up as a strange mix of poetry, humor, rants, and writing prompts.
25 Last Book You Read? I read my books digitally.  The last one was about the history of politics in America.
26 Last show you watched? I write, don’t have cable, listen to radio shows and get my news from the internet.  The last time I watched cable TV was at my son’s home — in September.
27 The Relationship Between You And The Person You Last Texted? My granddaughter.
28 Favorite Food? Oatmeal raisin bars.
29 Places You Want To Visit? Switzerland
30 Favorite Flavor Of Sweet? Dark chocolate
31 What Instruments Do You Play? Many many years ago — piano and guitar.
32 Favorite Piece Of Jewelry? I don’t wear any.  When I did, it was a pair of Mikimoto pearl earrings.
33 Last Sport You Played? None
34 Last Song You Sang? My Blue Heaven (my cats and dogs like it when I sing to them at night).
35 Favorite Chat Up Line?  Hi, my name is….

36 Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone? Last week
37 What’s Your Favorite Drink? Stash Irish Breakfast tea with raw honey.
38 How Tall Are You? Average height for a woman
39 Have You Been Betrayed By Someone You Care About? Yes.
40 What is your favorite pie?  A toss-up between Key Lime Pie and Pecan.
41 What was the last thing that made you laugh? A YouTube video about the hypocrisy of a new movie.  I was shedding tears of laughter!
42 Mention A Movie That Always Makes You Cry?  Gone with the wind.

43 Favorite job? What I’m doing right now.
44 How would you describe your body type?  I’m in better shape than 70% of this country.  My arms work, my legs work.  I suppose it means my body type is, “work in progress.”  🙂