Not connecting the dots.

Have you ever had one of those days?

The kind where someone sends you a report and you completely miss the obvious?

“Why didn’t you take that paragraph out?”  I demand.

“See the red blob in the middle of the page?


“The one with strikethrough?”

I turn as red as the paragraph and mutter out a weak, “Oh.”

I’d like to call it “penguin syndrome”

I mean…really?  What kind of bird swims to Antarctica to have one egg and then leaves dad to stand in one place in the middle of winter to guard it until it hatches?

I wonder…was I a penguin in another life?

Well, if I wore a watch, I could call it THIS kind of day:

Yep…and I couldn’t type, either.

What was I talking about?

Where am I?


Although I have trouble answering that question at times, I can still recite my entire driver’s license number.

Is there such a thing as AlzSometimers?

The answer to mistakes is, “They’re just plain fowl!”

Hope tomorrow is better.  If not, I might get my head lopped off.

Personally, I’d rather wake up with my brains intact.

If I could only remember where I parked them.

The dogs are snoring.  I must be home.