Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Not from around here?

Trying a fur coat on for size

As ya’ll know, I live in the woods with Coon Cat and his brother, Other Brother Coon Cat…

….and 6 dogs.  If you squint, you can see another one behind Fat White Dog, but number 6 is presently sitting in the passenger seat hoping I’ll stay home today.

Not when it’s discount day at the Dollar Store!

We have 2 types of general stores in these here parts: 


& Dollar Stores 

Today was $5 off $25 day.  That’s when I go shopping! 

There’s an unwritten dress code.  

Never, never walk into a Dollar Store dressed as if  your next stop is Sak’s 5th Avenue. You’ll get laughed out of the place.

Here’s an example of proper dress:

Most people like to go to the store right after cleaning out the barns


And you better not be showing your butt!

We have 4 social classes




& Not from around here.

How can you tell they’re not from around here? 

The builders and their exterminator buddies are laughing their @$$es off while shaking hands with their climate control cohorts! 

People who aren’t from around here clear-cut the land, then they want the house built out of wood and plant trees from their home state that have no chance against a Florida summer.

NEWS FLASH:  If a palm tree isn’t going to grow in Colorado, what  makes anyone think a mountain aspen is going to be happy here?

Any Floridian who lives in the country knows you don’t build a house out of wood — especially if you live near a river or lake. 

And it’s the trees that keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The house pictured above is going to be infested with termites long before the owners see all their transplanted trees die in the heat.  

Then the climate control people are going to be out every year fixing the A/C.  There is only so much torture even the best air conditioner can take.

Every place has a motto, and we have ours

So come on by, and bring your funeral policy, but enjoy the $5.99 All-you-can-eat baby back ribs at the local restaurant first.

No one should have to die on an empty stomach, and the dogs like the extra treat.