Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : My week in review

This sums up my entire week:

I tried to microwave my lunch and heard a slight zap.  I unplugged the microwave and plugged it back in again, doing the same to the toaster…

….that was plugged into the same outlet.

My brilliant analysis?  The microwave was broken.

Wanna know when I realized the microwave wasn’t broken? 

I didn’t. 

Someone had to tell me it was plugged into the wall 4 feet away. 

Two days later.

Yes, last week was a series of WELL…DUH moments that would make a worm look like a rocket scientist.

In an effort to feel better about myself so that I can think I’m smart again, I looked for a few  memes of people who didn’t fare as well.

Here’s one  guy who may have experienced his last Zen minutes. 

This poor, threadbare person is going to make an accident happen and possibly experience a very bad case of road rash. 

And then some moran thinks he has to circle it or we’ll miss the butt of the joke.

Yes, I spelled the word correctly.  I have proof

Then there are the champions of dog walking who are loved by dentists everywhere

And above all else, I’m grateful I live in Florida or I probably would’ve done this, too

Unfortunately, I might have killed the cactus.  That’s right, cactus plants don’t have eyes.  The cactus is safe after all.

Oh well, at least I’m not at that point in life where I can put a bra on backwards and it still fits

I suppose life isn’t so bad after all.

Did you know there are at least 50 memes devoted to Walmartians?  I nearly busted a gut laughing so I had to close the page.

In closing…

I couldn’t decide on the pun or the truth

 If you think pee memes are bad, urine the right place.

I can’t keep the over-50 bladder waiting.  It’s not a forgiving @$$.