Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : A trip to the vet


Dingo Dog:  What was that?!

Fat White Dog:  The sound mom makes when a cat digs it’s claws into her thigh.  Why are you so jumpy?

DD:  Mom left me!

FWD:  She took you to the vet for tumor removal.

DD:   They shaved my back!

FWD:  So?

DD:  It’s winter!

Mom:  What the %&$*?

DD:  Is she looking at the vet bill again?

FWD:  No.  The Tiny Terror pushed your medicine off the table.

DD:  That’s the scary rattling sound?  It’s traveling all over the house.

FWD:  And mom is trying to chase it down.

DD:  Is mom punishing me?  Did I do something bad?

FWD: Yes.

DD:  YiPyIp…OMG!  What did I do wrong?

FWD:  You walked in the door as a puppy. 

Mom (petting DD head vigorously):  Dingo, sweetie pie.  Are you all right?  Does your booboo hurt?  

DD (curling up next to a warm human tummy):  Maybe mom loves me after all.

FWD:  Whine…whine…whine.  What am I, a Christmas ornament?

DD:  You need therapy.

FWD:  You’re right.  I’ll go roll in some dirt.