Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : The Cat & Dog Worriers of Winter

From 5:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the morning, it was 32F’ing degrees in my part of Florida.

My mother used to say, “I feel like ice” when she was cold.

This was me around 4:30 in the morning:

I reached over and turned the heater up a few notches.  One small heater, a Pelonis made in China, kept a 12 x 16 room at 60F.

Pelonis HF-0020T Fan-Forced Heater for Small Room

Actually, I think the curtains had a lot to do with it.  Not even Jack Frost  wants to look at anything that ugly.  But they were on sale and when I’m asleep, I don’t care what the D%*$&d  things looks like. 

All I can tell you is that mine look a lot better than these (and the weather is probably a lot like Miami around this guy’s home):

Dogs and cats are hard on curtains, so you don’t want to have anything in your home you’re going to miss after it’s chewed and shredded.

For some strange reason, the 4-footed critters don’t chew or shred the bed covers.  I had one that did — many years ago  How one tiny dog managed to shred a couch, every comforter in my house — and the curtains — remains a mystery.

Fat White Dog always stays above the covers.  Dingo Mutt looks like a lump under the bed.  Where, you might ask, do the cats like to stay?

OBCC has his favorite place by the heater in the kitchen.

Coon Cat has his own idea about the perfect heating system.  I found him on top of the stove this morning.


Today is about senseless sarcasm, and what is more fuel for the sarcasm fire than a bunch of spoiled cats and dogs?

“…and what about the dogs?” You might ask.

  There wasn’t a camera nearby, but the 2 dogs were wedged on one side of me, and dingo mutt was under the covers wedged on the other side of me.

It felt something like this:

Except, they don’t save a spot.

I have to put a ladder on the bed — to minimize the amount of dog slobber from Rottie Mutt, who seems to know exactly where my head is supposed to go.

You can see how well that works:

During the day, they use my bed as an employee lounge and enjoy the flannel pillowcases that help them retain their warmth.

Errrrr Dog hogging the Pelonis heater. Rottie Mutt and Fat White Dog suspect that I’m about to give them a bath. (Not in THIS weather!)

They have everything they need, including pillows with flannel cases over them for optimal comfort:

It’s time for me to get ready for scrabble. I have to remember to take the dog biscuits.  It’s ransom, or the scrabble board will never be heard from again.