Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : The universal mind

I am…

what one would call “spiritual.” 

It means I don’t believe that nothing created nothing or a 747 evolved from a rock. 

I believe in a universal mind that threw up its hands after creating this mess in the celestial kitchen and yelled out, “I give up.  This loser can do whatever the heck it wants!”

We call that “free will.”

Most of us have come to understand one revolting fact:  The truth isn’t easy to grasp.

It is possible for brilliant people to believe in God and still not know quite what that means.

I looked up memes about religion.  They’re primarily written by atheists. 

With the possible exception of this one…

Gosh durn it!  Oh Geez (gee whiz), I’m headed to heck for shore.  

Three reasons why people might think religion (including athiesm — c’mon!  It’s a belief system) is bad.

Here is the punch line to a joke about what happens when a Jihadist, a Crusader and a Zionist walk into a war

As you can tell, the joke lacks an inner core (possibly because I’ve never personally encountered a Jihadist, Crusader or Zionist).

I suppose if I were

  • buried up to my neck and stoned for showing an ankle,
  • burned at the stake as a witch for knowing something about herbal medicine, or
  • using a machine gun on people wanting me dead because I’m refusing to be on the wrong end of genocide again…

then I might have an intelligent perspective to share. 

However, if you read history you’ll find that every color and creed has, at one time, been on the wrong end of genocide.  Just ask the Irish.

My feelings about religion can be summed up in one meme…

If you want to worship the tree in the back yard, and your faith makes you the best person you can possibly be, then go for it. 

Not my squirrels…

not my tree.

I practice my own brand of insanity.

I’ve had my conversations with the Universal Mind.  They go something like this.

Me:  There are so many religions in the world.  Are any of them right?

UM:  Yes and no.

Me:  What is the truth about the universe and why we’re here?

UM:  You have free will.  You decide what is the truth and why you’re here.

Me:  Okay…if there were no free will, what’s the truth?

UM: That is part of your struggle to become better than you are.

Me:  So you’ve created a celestial Easter egg hunt where the belief system holding the last egg wins?

UM:  No and yes.

I’d tear my hair out if I had enough left to grasp.

Maybe the aliens know more than we do.