Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Thanksgiving Aftermath

Well — I over-ate on Thanksgiving day. And the day after that.  And…

I can hear it now, the word DUH!!! screamed across the entire US of A.

That’s how ALL of us feel after stuffing our faces with Turkey.  

Lest there be any doubt that my entire household succumbed to the fowl feast, here are 3 of my 6 dogs hogging my bed after eating their fill

The cats were not immune, either,  Although I didn’t get their picture, they looked something like this

I cooked the turkey quite thoroughly, so no one in the family had this problem

Well…Christmas is just around the corner.  You know what that means to us Floridians…

Actually, I’m buying a pair of real boots this year to prevent frostbite when it’s 60 degrees outside.

It’s time to think about making a Sandman down at the beach,

and putting a few lights on the tree.

We’ll hang a few stockings

and dust the roaches off our winter wear

I have 3 very good reasons why I don’t have a tree in my house

I had an Aloe plant but the cat ate that, too.

Remember, folks… Florida is not like any other state


And yes.  I did partake in Black Friday.


So that I could avoid THIS

because I…HATE…CROWDS!!!!

Did I tell you that I spent an hour yesterday boiling the turkey carcass after stripping most of the meat off it?  After it cooled, I sorted through the bones, picking out tiny pieces of turkey and draining the broth.

That took another hour.

It was to be used for soup, once I went to the store on Monday to buy carrots and celery.

Tonight, I felt like having something light — a bit of broth with tiny pieces of turkey, the delicate scent swirling into an eager olfactory system.
Where it had been in the bottom shelf of your fridge, only a space remained. 
Why?  Because my husband used it to make DOG FOOD!
I hope the doggies enjoyed the broth that was to become several days worth of soup for the winter. At least it didn’t go to waste.