If you find it…

All right.

No…it’s not all right!!!!

I’ve lost my sense of humor and desperately miss our cuddle time.

LAST SEEN:  Geez…I don’t know!  It looks different to everyone who meets it.

HOW DO I KNOW IT’S MISSING?:  My replies to other bloggers are starting to sound like eulogies.


I want my better half back!

I’ve tried virtually everything to find it

Hell!  I can’t even claim to be suffering from THIS!

My sense of humor used to be so colorful!

But it’s been replaced by this monstrosity!

NaNoWriMo doesn’t help.  I’m writing a 50,000 word draft — in one month — that’s so bad, I don’t even like my own story!  I think that’s why the remains of  my humor looks a lot like this

If you find my sense of humor, please pass along the following message: