Trying, part Zoo — uh, I mean, Two

Asleep at 9pm.  Up again a 1am.

Trying to understand the world.

What have I learned about the world, so far?

  • You can’t talk to a hurricane and expect an answer.
  • Cats don’t bark.
  • At our core, people are animals…and if animals were given a larger brain capacity, they’d be just like us.  After all, it IS a dog eat dog world.
  • If a handsome genius triathlon winner became an astronaut and landed on a planet full of flying, 3-eyed teleporting people who were twice as smart, he’d be pitied for his disabilities.
  • Right and left are directions, not universal truths.
  • Universal truths will either set you free or induce insanity.  Think about it: what would happen if, one day in the future, cats realized they were owned by humans?

  • If people could pick their relatives before birth, would I be that one kid left over when the other teams have chosen their players? 
  • Now I understand the truth:  The theory of relativity is insane.

Hey!  That was easy.